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What Self Care Really Means

"Self care" has become a buzzword recently, but what does it really mean? Click the image for an insightful article that does a great job unpacking some practical applications for your self-care routine.

Self-care can get overly simplified to bubble baths, massages, and fancy vacations. While these are important, self-care often means doing the thing we don't want to do. It means taking care of ourselves in ways that are often inconvenient or painful. It can mean turning toward the thing we would rather avoid. Self-care can look like setting a difficult boundary, saying no to something, making a phone call made we've been putting off, or confronting an uncomfortable situation. Part of the therapeutic journey is beginning to understand what our emotions are, what they're trying to communicate, and what we need to do to honor and respect ourselves. Click the image above for further exploration of what self-care can look like for you.

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